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95% of showers can be sealed with our Standard Seal Service. “Leaking showers repaired - with no tiles removed"
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Termites Attracted to Subfloor Dampness Resulting from Leaking Showers.

DiaOseal Stop Leak Solutions.

Regrout to rejuvenate.

Efflorescence and Carbon Calimite formation - leaking shower water egress.


Epoxy engineered to the texture of sand & cement grout

Sealant stops leaking showers without removing tiles

Natural stone care and maintenance


Termites are the cause of more damage to a home than fire, storms & floods combined.

by Trent Moreland

Termites Attracted to Subfloor Dampness Resulting from Leaking Showers.

In summary, damp, leaking and mould ridden shower areas are not only unsightly, but can cause far more problems. A leaking tap can cause rotting timber frames, which cause a feeding frenzy for termites. In Australia the problem is massive and termites are the biggest cause of home problems than any natural disaster has been. Using a termite specialist is costly but necessary. By stopping a shower from leaking in the first place is cheaper, easy and safer to carry out. DiaOseal a specialist who will treat the bathroom area with a Diaoseal service for years of protection against further leaks.


Leaking showers not only can cause bad smells, staining, efflorescence, wall or floor damage but if the building has timber subfloor materials, termites can damage it. Damp, rotting timber is the perfect feeding ground for termites. They are similar to ants, but are devastatingly destructive. Timber damage from termites is well known, therefore it is highly important to keep any showers or baths from leaking.

Termites prefer to live underground and are very secretive in the way they operate. They will investigate and find the easiest route into a buffet of timber work. They work in tens of thousands, therefore, if not treated, they can eat their way through a whole house in less than three months, given the opportunity. Termites in Australia are the cause of more damage to a home than fire, storms, floods and tempest combined.

A leaking shower needs a professional to investigate, diagnose and re-seal, maintaining a water tight area. This will stop the dripping of water onto any timber framed house, which would attract termites. Any repairs that are made will vastly decrease the chances of termite damage for many years to come. As you can see a leaking bathroom is not just water dripping and causing staining or tiling problems. If termites grab hold of the timber, it is vital they are treated faster than your bathroom leak.

By fixing the leak in your bathroom and using a professional DiaoSeal System which will provide many years of protection, is far more important if the house or building relies on timber supports. The DiaoSeal product applied during the service from DiaOseal will seal the grout between tiles, provide a force-field of impermeable treatment and keep your bathroom free from leaks.

Getting back to termites, a termite exterminator will be much more likely to cause more unrest, than a shower repair company. Termites find their way into the foundations of buildings without a care in the world and cause incredible damage. Termite treatment specialists will need to find and humanely destroy the termite nest. They sometimes have to dig through concrete and structures to find the source. They use special chemical sprays to protect and keep the termites from returning. Having a bathroom which does not leak, does not entice termites to eat the damp timber is far safer, cheaper and easier to carry out. Make sure your shower and bathroom rooms are free of leaks regularly. | t. 1300 366 569

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